CNC Operator - Vertical Machine
Automated Manufacturing!

Program Details

  • Eligibility

    Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree with basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics. (Student persuing final year will have special benefit of Internship Program)

  • Fees Structure

    INR 35400/- (Installment and Finance facility available)

  • Duration

    Course duration is total of 460 Hrs. Daily 2+2 Hrs.(Live Instructor Led + Self
    This includes Live Theory & Practical Session, Employbility Skill Session, Self learning

  • Certification

    Successful Participants will get joint certification from CRISP, TCS iON

  • Modules
    Module 1 Introduction to CNC System
    Module 2 Principles of NC System
    Module 3 Machine Coordinate system.
    Module 4 Basics of CNC Turning machine
    Module 5 Elements of programming
    Module 6 Attributes of CNC Turning/Milling.
    Module 7 Programming Motion, Traversing Commands
    Module 8 Tool radius compensation G40, G41, G42
    Module 9 Programming for Turning Operation
    Module 10 Sub Programs - Use & Structure
    Module 11 Facing step turning, Profile Cutting, Grooving, Drilling, Boring operation
    Module 12 CNC milling programming.
    Module 13 Milling operation – surfacing, Step cutting, Profile milling, Slot cutting
    Module 14 Patterns - Circular, Rectangular, Drilling and tapping operation

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