Aims & Objectives / Byelaws

Aims of the Society :

The CRISP Society aims at :

  1. Enhancing the technical competencies of the intended target groups, e.g. polytechnic students and staff, job seeking diploma holders and other technical personnel.
  2. Providing consultancy and information resources to promote and encourage performance of technical personnel.

Objectives / Bye Laws of the Society

In keeping with these aims, the Society Objectives are as follows :

  1. To provide intensive training to the students of Production Engineering diploma programme of S.V. Polytechnic College, Bhopal in Training-cum-Production Centre, as per curriculaIt would    also extend the facilities of the centre for training Mechanical Engineering students of Bhopal and other polytechnics.
  2. To provide training to women and people of weaker sections for their skill development to improve their employability.
  3. To assist in reducing unemployment / under-employment of diploma holders in the disciplines of Mechanical / Production Engineering and Electronics by providing avenues to update technical skills in new emerging areas.
  4. To improve the quality of teaching in polytechnics and training in the industry by providing training facilities/materials in new areas of technology to teachers/ trainers.
  5. To improve the technical skill of working personnel to enhance productivity as well as to enable their career advancement.
  6. To promote entrepreneurship development through training and try-out using the Training-cum-Production Centre facility.
  7. To enable development of new technologies particularly IT related services and applications, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and technical consultancy, projects and    services to encompass the demand of the local and global requirements.
  8. To plan and extend the activities of CRISP with a view to enable accessibility of its activities and services in Madhya Pradesh, other States and Union territories of the country and to foreign countries as well to make itself sustainable.