Competence Assessment - DMIT

Competence Assessment / Mapping through DMIT

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We offer consultancy in the area of personality judgment through “FINGERPRINT PERSONALITY ANALYSIS”; this is a simple analytical test known as DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Derma stands for SKIN and Glyphics stands for CARVINGS) done by the touch of a finger.

It is a scientific method of carrying out one’s SWOC (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Challenges); it provides an interpretation and understanding of hidden potential, abilities and inborn advantages and characteristics.


  • For one’s personal growth
    (Self coping, smartly and with confidence in all walks of life)
    • Identifies one’s inner characteristics, ability, hidden talent and potential.
    • Helps parents to focus on their child’s talent and capabilities and understanding their natural character traits.
    • Strengthens communication and interaction skills at home and with the outside world.
    • Helps in self-evaluation and understand one’s compatibility with spouse or business partner.
    • Discloses one’s strengths and weakness and provides a direction to perform well at work.
    • Works as a guide to choose a suitable career path or even change the path of their present career and endeavor to start a new business.
  • For Your child’s education and career
    (A wrong choice and the child crumples, a correct selection and your child excels)
    • Select an educational stream that is best suited to your abilities, potential and desired career path.
    • Help children in learning effectively.
    • Reduce wastage of time, money, and effort over irrelevant courses & classes.
    • Minimizes the ‘trial and error’ factor where parents try to make their child learn something without knowing whether the child will be able to understand or not.
  • For Corporates:
    (Right person at the right position leads to a rapid and steady growth of the organization)
    • Helps in knowing the personality type of employees.
    • Understand the potential and skill of the recruits and placing them in the right department.

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