The CCNAv7 (Cisco Certified Network Associate) academy program comprises in tensive course modules, as follows:- 

Course 1: Introduction to Networks

  • Internetworking Concepts (Introduction to Networking, OSI and TCP/IP model)
  • Interconnecting CISCO Devices
  • Introduction to CISCO IOS and Basic Router and Switch Configuration
  • IP addressing (IPv4) Subnetting, VLSM/ CIDR and IPv6.

Course 2: Switching Routing Wireless Essentials

  • Remote location connectivity using Telnet, SSH and PUTTY Application
  • Switching Essentials (VLAN, Inter-VLAN Routing) and Switch Security
  • EtherChannel, DHCPv4 and SLAAC and DHCPv6
  • First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRP)
  • Wireless LANs concept and configuration

Course 3: Enterprise Networking Security & Automation

  • Routing Essentials (Static and Single area OSPF)
  • Access Control Lists for IPv4, Network Address Translation (NAT for IPv4)
  • Concept of VPN/IP Sec, Qos, NW Management & Design and NW Virtualization & Automation


The programme consists of a mix of :
  • √   Lectures and presentations
  • √   Demonstrations
  • √   Interactive discussions
  • √   Hands-on practice


Cisco Networking Academy is a global platform which can be used to inspire students and instructors to make their future brighter. Cisco Networking Academy puts theory and hands-on-experience into practice.

Scope of CCNA in India is huge because Network automation and programming take around 70% of focus in any IT organization and anyone with the CCNA Certification training will be the one getting hired with very handsome salary based on knowledge and experience.


CCNAv7 course covers networking fundamentals, IP services, security fundamentals, automation and programmability. CCNAv7 curriculum includes basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance-based skills. As a networking professional, you will cultivate industry-supported skills and credentials that you will be able to transfer to future employment opportunities.


Graduates or students pursuing Degree / Diploma in any stream.
Network professionals.
Basic knowledge on Computer Networking


√  No. of Hours : 210

Course Fee

√  Rs. 20,000/-

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