Haryana Government will give digital certificates to 5 lakh students by CRISP's developed Blockchain technology

Haryana Government will give digital certificates to 5 lakh students by CRISP's developed Blockchain technology- Dr. Shrikant PatilHaryana Government will give digital certificates to 5 lakh students by CRISP's developed Blockchain technology

CRISP and BSEH inked an agreement for providing Digital Certificates to 5 lakh students via CRISP-developed Blockchain technology

CRISP is an institution that works in the field of Training, Research, and Skill Development; provides IT Solutions. The futuristic technology Lab in CRISP, develops advanced IT Solutions using Blockchain /AI/ML / Robotic automation and other futuristic technologies under the leadership of Managing Director, CRISP Dr. Shrikant Patil. His main agenda is to make this organization a synonym for Skill Development. And in that succession, recently Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP) and the Board of School Education Haryana (BSEH) inked an agreement.

CRISP will provide the Digital Certificate printing and online verification service using Blockchain technology to the Board of School Education Haryana, the agreement has been signed on 22nd June 2023 in the presence of Dr. V.P. Yadav, Chairman BSEH and Mr. Amol Vaidya Director – CRISP.

“This is one of its kind collaboration with the Haryana Government where CRISP’s developed Blockchain technology is being used for the betterment of students and in the future, we will work with different states of India as well,” said Dr. Shrikant Patil.

“The Blockchain-based Certification System developed by CRISP aims to counter fraudulent activities on identity theft and to give the students a fake-proof certificate. CRISP is central India’s leading institution working in the field of skill development and IT sector. Which not only provides training to students, job seekers, and professors but is also achieving new milestones in the field of IT. The organization has Capability Maturity Integration Level 5 (CMMI Level 5) certification, which is condered as best in IT and E-gov sector,” said Mr. Amol Vaidya Director CRISP.

Head IT, Mr. Sandeep Jain informed, CRISP is providing State of the Art IT-enabled services to the departments in Madhya Pradesh and other states too.

Box- The agreement is signed for a period of 3 years for generating the certificates of 5 lakhs passed candidates in regular and supplementary exams conducted by BSE Haryana. The certificate will be processed after generating the Blockchain Digital Certificate using public Blockchain technology. The encrypted Digital Certificates will be provided to the students for Online Verification through BSEH Website. Board will also get the printing of Physical copies of records using the Encrypted Records.

This Blockchain-based certification system is the first of its kind implementation in any Board of Secondary Education, which shall provide the authenticity of any candidate’s record published by BSE Haryana, as they verify the individual data using a decentralized mechanism. CRISP is also working with various universities across India to bring such advanced technology to the education system. 

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