5-day Communication workshop at CRISP

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CRISP recently concluded an impactful 5-day communication workshop, welcoming esteemed professors from various higher education institutions across Madhya Pradesh, officials from Tamil Nadu's Ministry of Defence, and members of the police department. The workshop featured four intensive sessions each day, providing a rich learning experience for all participants.

WhatsApp Image 2024 07 05 at 11.44.28 AMDr. Sansmiriti Mishra, Head of the Department of Behavioral Science, delivered insightful sessions on the psychology of effective communication, emotional intelligence, and stress management. Her expertise helped participants understand the importance of emotional awareness in enhancing communication skills.

Mr. K K Pateria, our senior trainer, conducted sessions on body language, non-verbal communication, interpersonal communication, and motivation. His training emphasized how understanding and utilizing non-verbal cues can significantly improve interpersonal interactions and motivate others effectively.

Mr. Ankit Gaur, another expert trainer, focused on self-awareness, the art of being a good communicator, how to handle feedback and constructive criticism, and managing intent versus impact in communication. 

Overall, the workshop was a resounding success, equipping participants with invaluable skills and knowledge to enhance their professional and personal communication.